The Same Three: Shooting the Same Scene with Different Cameras


Taking photos of the same scene is a great way to understand how different cameras and films work. Here is a photographic journey of a few trees on Hampstead Heath.

Since I moved to London, I have always lived within walking distance of Hampstead Heath. The Heath is a large hilly park in the north of the city. It’s a wonderful place to go walking, fly a kite or take photos.

I’ve been taking walks on the Heath for years and recently I realised I’m builting up a small collection of photos taken in the same spot with different camera.

This was taken with a Bronica ETRS (medium format) using a Fuji Superia 400:

Bronica ETRS, Fuji Superia 400

I was impressed by the vivid colour the film gave me. No cross processing was required — just straight up C-41.

Here is the same scene taken with the same camera, but shot using Lomography B&W 100 Film

Bronica ETRS, Lomography Black and White film 100 ISO

It’s very contrasty, but I liked the photo so much I took it to the dark room and made a print of it.

Ilford Glossy RC Paper

The print is a lot less contrasty and, in my opinion, a lot nicer to look at.

It snowed up on the Heath back in February 2012. So I got up early that morning and headed up there with my Pentax ME Super loaded with Agfa APX 100.

Pentax ME Super, Agfa APX 100

I also shot the scene from the other side of the tree:

Pentax ME Super, Agfa APS100

My favourite photo of that trip wasn’t of this scene but was of two lovers walking through the woods holding hands. Here is the scanned negative and print of that photo:

Pentax ME Super, Agfa APS100

My favourite tree in Hampstead Heath is this one:

Bronica ETRS, Fuji Superia 400

It stands along in a field not far from where the other photos were taken. The photo above was taken with a Bronica ETRS, a great camera that I’ve had a huge amount of fun using.

This one too was taken with the Bronica, but on a different trip.

Bronica ETRS, Lomography Black and White film 100 ISO

…and finally, I’ll leave you with a proper lomo shot. Taken with my Pentax ME Super with cross processed Kodak slide film and scanned at home:

Pentax ME Super, Kodak Ektarcolor 100

Now, I’m off to take some more photos of those trees.

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  1. ehmahh
    ehmahh ·

    I actually love this article! such a great idea!

  2. bsmart
    bsmart ·

    @ehmahh Thanks :)

  3. jeffr
    jeffr ·

    great great photos!! and i love the article as well!

  4. hxloon
    hxloon ·

    I love the lovers walking hand-in-hand in the woods shot!

  5. stratski
    stratski ·

    Lovely trees! Great to see them on different films and with diferent camera's.

    I did the same thing with the view from the station where I wait for my train home every day:

  6. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·


  7. darlim
    darlim ·

    We keep doing the smae things over and over and mostly take it for granted. There so much difference in the "every day" things we do . Just need a different "eyes" , camera and mindset to make a difference. Thanks for shairng this article to remind us to look at things differently . :)

  8. reminator
    reminator ·

    I totally love it. The same vieuw, with a different feeling everytime!

  9. murdoc_niccals
    murdoc_niccals ·

    "madness is doing the same thing and expecting a different result" but this is not a madness :) mr. Einstein was wrong.

  10. nuhdos
    nuhdos ·

    Love this article. congrats!

  11. johntesi
    johntesi ·

    Really adore the heath, my British relatives live just down the street from it as well.. Wish I'd've had a film camera instead of digital when I visited, as I have some very similar shots with different cameras still! Very insightful article.

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