Christianshavn - The Amsterdam of Denmark


Picturesque houses along the canals, Church of Our Savior, Freetown Christiania and the Danish film school all share this beautiful part of Copenhagen located on an artificial island not far from the city centre.

Christianshavn, founded in the 17th century, is the Dutch-inspired harbor district of Copenhagen, located on an artificial island not far from the city centre. The area is criss-crossed with lovely canals where the picturesque houses are reflected in the water next to old sailing ships. You can easily spend a whole day here, walking along the canals taking photos and every now and then sit down at a cozy pub for a cooling beer or beverage of your choice.

Christianshavns largest church, Church of Our Savior, serves as a great landmark with its elegant twisted spire. Not far from the church you find the legendary Freetown Christiania. In 1971 a group of alternative Danes squatted this abandoned military area and it has ever since been subject to controversy. Pusher Street is the main street where you are semi-allowed to buy, sell and smoke marijuana, but there is so much more to the neighborhood than the soft drugs. Christiana is autonomous and all residents have a say in the development of the community. Today nearly 1000 residents inhabit Christiania and you’ll not find two houses that look the same. The alternative lifestyle sets a great example of how you can build a community where values of peace, love and understanding is king. You’ll find great paintings and art on display at the galleries and the area is always lively and full of activity.

/Mr. Flinky

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  1. paper_doll
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    i heard of Christiana a few years ago and i'd love to go there. gook work anarchy and mr flinky!

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    Flinky rules! Maybe arrange a meeting with Flat Eric - I think they could probably like each other.....

  3. stouf
    stouf ·

    Splendid gallery !

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    sugiyamasatomi ·

    another wonderful location by anarchy! beautiful gallery!

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    :) Fantastic! rocking gallery! again!

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