Basking at the Beach: A Lot of Fun in Switzerland


Where are my preferred places for water fun, and for basking at the beach? Easy answer: the wonderful lakes of Switzerland! All these photos were taken with my inseparable Lomo LC-A camera! Read more!

Wondeful Zurich: a city rich of arts, culture, and life! Look at this great place to stay together with your family or friends during the summertime! This is the beach of the city, a very crowded place during the summer season!

If you want more space, you can go sunbathing near a wall…

Or, if you are searching some adrenaline-filled games, you can play tightrope!

I love swimming, I love diving…let’s go for a dip together!

You can find great places to relax and talk with your friends or your family, as at this beach near Spiez, in the region of Bern with its wonderful two lakes of Thun and Brienz.

And, if you’re playing water polo or volley, sometimes you must swim “with all your strength” to recover the ball!

Great places to basking, to swim, to take a break with your friends

Here is the bathhouse in Thun, a safe place to have fun!

But some boys prefer a bridge of the city for their “splashes”!

Have fun in Switzerland! Enjoy the wonderful lakes, the mountains, the landscapes and the friendly ways of its inhabitants!

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  1. roby
    roby ·

    nice article :-)

  2. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    I miss Switzerland. I need to go back real soon!

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