Simbahan a Basiit y Camposanto


A cemetery church near the edge of the city holds a distinct and warm feel instead of the drab creepy that is usually associated with these types of locations.

Built in 1852 this church is also known as the Camposanto The term Campo Santo is Spanish for holy ground. While the name Simbahan a Basiit literally means church that is small. It is reminiscent of those old South American chapels you would see on TV with bells on the facade. We passed by this location but the carriage guy didn’t seem to care to stop so I asked him if we could drop by on the way back from the other places. Good thing, because when we did arrive a service just ended and people were emptying the place. I walked in but was drawn to the tombs at the side. For some reason this particular cemetery wasn’t creepy at all and in fact kind of evoked a sense of festive feeling in me. As with cemetery churches, some headstones are built into the interior and exterior walls.

The church was built and dedicated to Sto. Cristo who as local legend goes, saved the whole town from a devastating plague that was spreading across the region. Outside the sun was shining down on those who were visiting their departed ones but it was neither hot nor chilly. It was perfect tourist weather. Inside the white church were restored Capiz or mother of pearl windows which were known to be light and durable material and was used by most houses in the country for the longest time. As I stepped out of the church I noticed a funeral march approaching. The funeral car was being marshaled by the local watchmen as a couple of kids on board the side of the vehicle smiled at each other. I was looking at the troop as they marched into the grounds of the cemetery there seemed to very few with frowns on their faces. Most were wearing white contrary to local custom. But then again it might have been a wish of the family to keep things light and then I remembered the feeling I had when I walked by the tombs.

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