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2012-05-05 1

This week’s featured Analogue Lifestyle article is “Bring Your Camera to the Food Table” by duringmyheyday. The accidental food photographer shares her gastronomic visual diary and how she started shooting starters, entrées, and dessert. We think the photos look good enough to eat!

“Sometimes, I bring my camera along for a meal even if the only picture I take is the food on my table; I like to be reminded of my days with the food I eat, it’s the greatest simple pleasure of everyday life.”

Credits: duringmyheyday

“Sometimes, a picture of my food is the only picture I take for the day and many times they turn out to be my favorite pictures of all time. Won’t you start keeping a food diary?”

Read more from Analogue Everyday: Bring Your Camera to the Food Table by duringmyheyday.

We picked this submission because, though they are straightforward (food is food, after all), she makes meals look extra scrumptious by paying attention to simple framing, proper settings, and good lighting. Gastronomic and photographic goodness!

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