Haga - From Rags to Riches!


The oldest suburb of Göteborg, once a really poor and run down neighborhood, is now one of the most beautiful and fashionable places in the city.

Walking into Haga you instantly feel the special atmosphere of this the oldest suburb of Göteborg (nowadays part of the city centre). Until the 1970’s the area was connected with poor living standards, withering houses and underground clubs, but is now a very expensive and fashionable place to live in.

About one fifth of the old houses have been saved and restored, the rest were demolished and rebuilt staying true to the old 19th century architecture and material, making Haga a very popular tourist attraction. The main cobblestone street and its surroundings are lined with small boutiques selling anything from antiques, second hand clothing and books to fashion wear and new age stuff. There are also many wonderful little cafés where you can sit down in a cozy environment and watch people walking by while sipping on a latte.

Rising up above Haga is Skansen Kronan from 1687, originally built to defend the city from the Danes. In 1854 it served as a prison for around 200 people, several of them sentenced to life. 20 years later its purpose changed again, this time to an emergency accommodation for the quickly growing population of the city. Today it’s a popular place to hold weddings and parties. The hill top gives a nice panorama over the city and it’s a perfect place for picnics or just a relaxing time in the grass.

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    Beautiful shots! Maybe someday I get to visit :)

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