From Naples to Capri: My First Adventure in Black and White

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It was October 2010, I was living in Perugia and didn’t know what to do for a week. That’s when I decided to put on my backpack and get to know the Campania, one of the most beautiful regions in Italy. The first stop of my adventure was Naples, the capital. The second was Capri, the Island of Love.

Arriving in Capri

Even though I arrived in Naples during the afternoon, I ended up only going out to get to know the city at night (the check in at the hotel and the chat with the owner and other guests took quite a long time, but was worth it).

Buildings of Naples

That night, together with three more backpackers, I visited Subterranean Naples, a not-so-famous attraction at the capital of Campania. As the name suggests, it consists of tunnels and galleries excavated under the historical city center – over 2400 years ago! The subterranean area of Naples served different purposes throughout history – tombs, cisterns, deposits – and, before turning to a touristic attraction, served as a refuge during bombings in the Second World War.

Objects left behind by people living in the tunnels during WWII.

The following day, I woke up early and took a boat to Capri, one of the most popular Italian touristic destinations.


Capri is an island in the Gulf of Naples, in the Tyrrhenian Sea, which has been a holiday destination since the time of the Roman Republic – totally understandable given its unquestionable beauty.


Once in Capri, the best you can do is grab a map and walk (also because a large part of the city is pedestrian-only): get to the charming squares, wander through surprising alleys, find spots with spectacular views. Just let yourself go by the atmosphere of Capri! And if you want to go even deeper into the spirit of the city, you can have a limoncello and a good Caprese salad.

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