US CitySlicker Violet: Analogue Adventures In the Nation’s Capital – Washington D.C.

2012-05-07 2

For their first task, the US CitySlickers will show us around their towns and cities, documenting their experiences in analogue and telling us stories along the way. Let’s meet Violet and learn about Baltimore!

Credits: vtayeh

Name: Violet
City: Baltimore/Washington D.C. Metro Area
Age: Is Just a Number
Occupation: Engineer
LomoHome: vtayeh

D.C. shots taken by vtayeh

Hi, Lomo Community! My name is Violet and I’m super excited to start sharing all my wonderful analogue adventures from the nation’s capital!

I actually live in Baltimore but I consider Washington D.C. and all its surrounding areas as one giant metropolis, since I spend my time all over the region. The capital is of course full of museums, monuments, restaurants, bars and shops but just a short drive to the east you have the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, while to the west you have Appalachian Mountains, which is great for all sorts if outdoor activities like camping, hiking, skiing and snowboarding. What’s in-between you ask? Well, everything you can think of!

Surrounding area shots taken by vtayeh

Just outside the city are plenty of local farms where you can pick your own fruits and veggies or just run around a corn field maze. The city itself is an eclectic mix of homes and businesses. There’s a mixture of homes from the 1800’s/1900’s, old warehouses turned modern lofts, row homes and new construction. And for as much variety there are in homes, there’s even more variety in people and cultures, which is easily shown by all the delicious cuisines you can get within a 10 mile radius! In any given time of the year, you’ll most likely run into some event or festival celebrating the area’s heritage. This huge melting pot is what makes this place so welcoming to analogue film users like ourselves.

Some doubles taken with vtayeh and kitty shots taken by vtayeh

The area is actually how I was introduced to Lomography. Before I moved to the east coast, I had taken a darkroom photography course back in college and I absolutely LOVED developing my own prints. But when I moved away, it became increasingly difficult to find a working darkroom or a space I can use to develop my own prints. And then one day while shopping with my husband, we ran into this display of Lomography Fisheye cameras. I picked one up, saw the picture of an orange and white kitty that looked like our cat and I said, “I want to create a shot just like this but of our little kitty!” The next thing I knew, I became a part of this worldwide community, sharing tips, meeting wonderful people, learning about places I wouldn’t have dreamed of seeing but now I’m connected with people across the world through Lomography! Sending film overseas, having layers of photographs from my home and my life mix with layers from my friends’ in places like London and Bangkok is so surreal! And over the next few articles, I hope to give everyone a glimpse of this part of the world.

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  1. nicolasesc
    nicolasesc ·

    Awesome! I'm originally from Montgomery County!!! :)

  2. vtayeh
    vtayeh ·

    @nicolasesc Wow~ that's a big move from one coast to the next! I'm glad to represent :)

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