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Lomography Singapore's Best Photos of April 2012


Every month, we will recap the best of Singapore Lomographs. Ready? Let’s look at April’s best shots from the Lion City!

Credits: scrabbyknees

Look closer, he’s not really a scuba diver!

Credits: bao_wei

Always some construction work going on in Singapore!

Credits: renaishashin

Hey, I’m flying!

Credits: azzzy

A relaxing picnic at the beach.

Credits: cyanwater

Arching beauty.

Credits: dabai

Quicker than a ray of light!

Credits: meerly

I wanna sail away on my boat…

Credits: lawypop

Reaching out to the sky!

And that’s it, a taste of some of the best, most popular photos from our Singapore community in April. Get shooting and uploading. Will your photo make it to next month’s shortlist? ;)

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