Love Lomography? Live in Los Angeles? Have an Amazing Set of Skills? We're Looking For YOU!


Hello Angelenos! We’re looking for someone special to become an Assistant Territory Manager in Los Angeles! Is it you? Is it someone you know? Let’s find out!

Hello Lomoland! We’re looking for the best of the best to help run one of the coolest parts of Lomography USA! Our South West Assistant Territory Manager will help in every facet of the Lomography world from online, to offline and even help us create some of the most excitingly Lomographic plans for South West!

Is it you?

Head over to our Jobs section and give the job description a read! We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Not in LA? Not qualified to be an Assistant Territory Manager? We’ve got positions open all over the world for every skill level! Come work with us!

written by alexandrak on 2012-05-02 #news #california #los-angeles #jobs

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