Elaborate Specimen Box Portraits by Michael Mapes


How do you make a portrait compelling, intriguing, and unique? You take it apart into bits and pieces, then put it all back together again. How is that possible? Find out how a New York-based artist does it after the jump!

No, this is far from your usual jigsaw puzzle, where you can take apart a photo into several pieces then put them all back to form a seamless picture. Michael Maps instead showcases photographs and his eye for detail through intricate artworks involving specimen boxes.

The New York-based artist painstakingly dissects photographs into bits and pieces, then puts them all back together inside specimen boxes, each piece housed in either a vial, a gelatin capsule, a resealable plastic bag, or held using an insect pin. The result is something “almost but not quite” like the original photo, cleverly blurring the line between photography and sculpture.

What do you think of these unique artworks by Michael Mapes? Will you ever try dissecting and putting together your portraits this way? Share your thoughts with us with a comment below!

All infomation and photos used for this article were taken from This is Colossal.

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