Sunny Side Up: Introducing the La Sardina Beach Editions


Are you already dreaming of a white Christmas? No, probably not! So here’s ten new colourful La Sardina editions to get you warmed up for summer!

Credits: ccwu

Summer’s just a pebble’s throw away and all we can think of is lounging on a deck chair and shooting lomos. The mermaids are calling and the crystal blue sea is just becoming irresistible. As always, before you head out for that tan, Lomography’s got a little surprise. We’re hitting Capri and St. Tropez this year! Yes we are, Lomo-style. Just take a look at these new babies:

Each of the two new La Sardina Beach Editions comes in five variations and to top all that off, each single one is unique!

Yes, that’s right, even if you get a La Sardina Capri for Katy, and a La Sardina St. Tropez for Jackie, if Lana also gets one then, they’ll all have a different pattern on them. As we discovered along the way, that’s the great thing about working with textile!

Sea, sun, sand and La Sardina then? Of course! Off we go to make some new wide-angled memories.

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