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Maria Andersson, also known as Feather and Down, is a Swedish artist whose beautiful voice and music brings us to a dreamy world. We caught up with her when she was in Tokyo for solo gigs and found out more about her LomoKino music videos. Read the interview after jump!

Name: Feather and Down (Maria Andersson)
Country: Sweden
Website: http://www.featheranddown.se/

Please introduce yourself!
My name is Maria Andersson and I am the Swedish artist Feather and Down.

Have you tried Lomography camera before?
It’s my first time using the Lomo camera.

How was shooting music video by LomoKino?
It was a lot of fun! Me and my friends were shooting for two days, one day outside and one day inside by the piano.

There is any theme?
The theme were really just the area I live in, in Stockholm but close to the sea. It was a beautiful but a little cold day outside and we filmed by the water and spring was on it’s way. We also wanted a few shots of me playing the piano and the guitar, it’s shot in my appartment.

How was your first gig in Japan?
It was great coming to Tokyo to perform. It was my first time coming here to perform although I’ve been to Tokyo before.
The audience was great, really attentive and listening and my record company took such good care of me. And all the great food!!! I really look forward to coming back soon.

There are some difference of response between Japanese listeners and overseas listeners?
The Japanese listeners are very polite, silent and listening. A perfect audience for my kind of music!

Please descrive the LomoKino in your words?
We had two great days of fun shooting the LomoKino video.

We heard you have sung at Cirque du Soleil! great! Please tell us if you are doing some other things except singer.
I am a singer, songwriter and voice coach. All I do is connected to music.

If you could go everywhere with LomoKino, where you would like to go? and why this country?
I would travel with LomoKino in Asia which I love. I used to live in China and also did a lot of travelling in for example Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand and Japan. I love the food, the atmosphere and variety of things to experience in this part of Asia.

Which subject you would like to shoot by LomoKino?
Food, the colors, the nature, people…

Please give us message for Japanese fans and also for people who think to use LomoKino from now on.
Just explore and have a fun time with your LomoKino!!
And for my Japanese fans; Thank you for a great time at my gigs in Tokyo this spring. I am hoping to come back soon, after my new album is released in June 2012!

Live photo in Tokyo

Feather and down official site

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