Old Town Tiong Bahru

2012-05-09 4

Fancy shooting in an old town with old buildings, worn out paintings, old vintage cars etc.? It is my favorite shooting place too! I love shooting old subjects! The place I’ll be writing about in this article is Tiong Bahru, an old town in Singapore.

You see the kitty in the photo, having its afternoon nap hahaha…Tiong Bahru is a relaxing place for shooting. Housing blocks in TIong Bahru were built in the 1930s, all of the blocks there are either three storeys high or five storeys high.

This place had became quieter over the years and most of the residents are the elderly people. If you are shooting there in the morning, it is very quiet and so you enjoy the area peacefully. Ask the elderly people there, I am sure most of them will let you take a photo of them. Just remember to put on a smile, and many a time you can get an “OKAY” reply from others if you ask them for a photo!

There’s also good news for FOOD lovers, you can certainly find yummy food in Tiong Bahru. There is a market and it is one of the most famous hawker centers in Singapore. Wanna have some coffee or dessert after your meal? Yes you can, as there are quite a number of cafe and cake shops around. I can’t fully describe how nice Tiong Bahru is but let me show you the fun photos! So visit and have a nice time shooting at this Lomolocation.

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  1. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    Hey, lovely pictures! :D

  2. bao_wei
    bao_wei ·

    Thanks eva_eva!

  3. maddym
    maddym ·

    great pictures :)

  4. bao_wei
    bao_wei ·

    Thanks maddym!

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