Kodak FunSaver Camera 2005: A True Poop Cam

2012-05-10 3

About half a year into my love-affair with Lomography, I stumbled upon an old Kodak disposable camera that I had bought in high school. The expiration date was set for 2005, so I thought it would be fun to take some random shots and see what the results would look like! Trust me, they’re fun… but not that pretty.

Photo via stockngo.com

My friends and I always have called those single-use disposable cameras “Crap Cams,” but for the sake of a more professional article title, I have taken the liberty to call them “Poop Cams.” Doesn’t that have a nice ring to it?

Anyway, about the actual camera. Kodak’s FunSaver camera is a single use, with-flash, disposable camera loaded with either Kodak Gold 400 or 800 ISO film (I’ve seen descriptions for both films being used).

Upon cleaning my room one day, I found an old FunSaver, still in its original wrapping. Of course, having fallen in love with Lomography, I jumped at the opportunity to play with different types of film! The package had an expiration date of 2005, and I thought, “YES, so cool!” Why not, right?

Before playing around with my FunSaver, I tried looking up tutorials on how to have more fun with the disposable camera, since we all know that they’re not exactly purchased for quality.

And a few that I came up with were, to use colored filters (yellow filters in daylight add a vintage look it the photo), to scratch up the lens, play around with the flash, and test out different focal distances. Quite honestly, there’s not much one can do without some serious mods. If I had the guts to do so, I’d probably try out drilling some holes into the camera’s body to get some light leaks, take out the film and develop it myself, or even seeing if MX is possible through a camera body mod. I’ve heard that if you slam the disposable camera down against your hand or a hard surface, it’ll force the shutter to release again, thus allowing messy multiple exposures. Did anyone try this out and have results?

Here are my results! Yes, they’re not pretty or stunning, but they’re fun and they’re from a Poop Camera.

Credits: dearjme

Ever had the chance to play with a Poop cam since you began your love affair Lomography? Let me know and of course, Lomo On!

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  1. jeffr
    jeffr ·

    i really like your first and second shot in the set - how'd you take that 2nd photo? i too dug up an expired kodak funsaver but wound up with some pretty boring photo (in my opinion) www.lomography.com/homes/jeffr/albums/1786353-expired-kodak…

  2. dearjme
    dearjme ·

    @jeffr Aww thanks! I really wasn't expecting much out of this camera, but I also like the first two shots of my set. The 2nd one is a close up shot of a flower, but I put a yellow plastic filter in front of the lens -- so this made it blurry and cool. I enjoyed your album, especially the sunset photo :)

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