Spanish Doubles Workshop in the Lomo Gallery Store Amsterdam

2012-07-11 2

Doing doubles with someone is nice, but doing doubles with someone from another country you don’t know is nicer – and special! The Amsterdam Lomo Gallery Store did a Spanish Doubles Workshop with the support of the Spanish Lomography Gallery Store friends, so we had rolls from Spain to double up!

Finding the nice Amsterdam Lomography Gallery Store wasn’t difficult and the couch was inviting, therefore the workshop started with a nice and good talk from the shop manager, who talked us through the idea of doubles and explained the best way to do your doubles: keep in mind that the film needs to be exposed twice therefore you need to underexpose the film, so the other person has the option to expose the other half of the film instead of overexposing the film itself!

Then the films came out, and we could either use a personal camera or borrow one, and there were the films…

Each one nicely packaged and labeled with a name of an unknown Lomographer to the Dutch lomographers around…

Loading the films were done and off we all were into Amsterdam, so we could join together Netherlands and Spain!

We had a nice walk and exchanged our experiences and photos, not knowing what the results would be after developing.

But there they were, the films have been developed by the lomolab and even already scanned to CD therefore the films have been really nice and the results have been surprising!

Not all photos have been special but a lot of the images have surprised me and liked a lot by the other people visiting my lomohome!

The surprise makes it nice to to do it another time! What would the next two countries be to forge in new bands/creating doubles? Would I join in another doubles workshop?

I would!

written by lichtschilder on 2012-07-11 #lifestyle #analog #doubles-lgsamsterdam-2012-workshop

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  1. sonya1980
    sonya1980 ·

    A lot os us,spanish lomopeople, want to see the results of that,it would be great if you could show us the double albums!, here is mine!…

  2. lichtschilder
    lichtschilder ·

    i had the opportunity to shoot two rolls so here are two albums:……

    still wondering who have been using those rolls in spain :)

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