Lomo LC-A Big Book: A Book That Says More Than a Thousand Pictures

2012-05-02 2

This is the book that you simply can’t shelve. It has lots and lots of images and LomoWalls and also an extensive history about Lomo and cameras in general. Want inspiration? You got it.

What makes film photography so much more fun than digital? I believe that since every frame costs a little, it requires you to think. You’ll want to get more knowledge to take better and more fun pictures. You train your eyes to see the pictures before they are taken. Another thing is the result, the negatives or the printouts. It’s something you can hold in your hand and look at and think “Hey I made this”. It’s real. Combine the words “real” and “knowledge” and you have a book. A big book. Like this one.

Perhaps not the best book to take with you on a picnic…

It contains 664 pages. More than half of these are high quality prints. Both full page pictures and LomoWalls. It’s a blast to just browse these and the selection is in true lomostyle. It puts the finger of something that is often overlooked in the digital age, the printout. Why buy generic paintings and posters when you can create your own art and hang them on your walls? Most of these images are from this website, but they are from 2008 and earlier. Think of it as a collection of more than 3000 great pictures all in one book. It is either easy entertainment or eye training for great snapshot photography.

The book is more than prints. A big part of it consists of history. You can read about the detailed information about Lomography and it’s roots in Russia. Some parts of this already exists in the smaller Lomo LC-A book that you get when you buy the camera, but not all of it. It’s very interesting to read this and it strenghthens the feel about the LC-A as something that is not just another product. Other classic compact cameras are also covered. From the first Kodak No.1 to Leica and Cosina CX-2, the model that LC-A was built after.

Not just prints, if that’s not enough.

Lastly, there is information about the workings of the LC-A and film in general. Pretty basic stuff but great for beginners and people new to film.

The Lomo, The Law and The film.

What it is: A statement of analogue excellence. Interesting read or great eyecandy. Something for people, be it yourself or guests at your home, to easily browse or read parts of. It’s a book that draws attention.

What it isn’t: A manual on how to take pictures. It’s also not a bigger version of the LC-A book.

Lomography Books are a perfect way to familiarize yourself with the ultra-colourful and crazy world of Lomography. With camera histories, interviews from experts and members of the community, and thousands of wonderful images, these books will certainly give you analogue inspiration. See our book selection here.

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