Quadruple Crazy: My Experience with the Actionsampler


It’s amazing what one 36 exposure roll can teach you about a new camera! After getting my first roll back from the lab, I can see how I will get SO much more out of this plastic fantastic camera!

The very first thing that I noticed about the Actionsampler, that I knew I would have to be conscious of, was that when you roll it on, there is no lock and no turning it off. So, if you’re a pre-roller like me then you have to be careful what you do with it after that. I’m always throwing my plastic cameras in my bag so, this led to a couple of exposures being wasted, but also one happy mistake (the first photo below).

The next thing I noticed was just how quick those 4 shutters follow each other. You have to be doing some serious action for it really to show up well in the photos. For example, the photos below were all taken of things that were moving in real life but don’t seem to be moving much in the photos.

The following photos, I feel, are a lot more interesting as they show a lot of movement.

I still like the photos that come out when used as a still camera.

One thing that I will change next time will be to use a faster film. I was using Lomography X-Pro 200 which worked great for all the outdoors photos, but as I don’t love to use flash the indoor ones came out quite dark.

Also, for when I did use the flash, I like the one going in for the kiss, but the second one of cupcakes I think I should have had a fresher battery as it seemed to run out of power by the 4th flash came around.

The Actionsampler Chrome snaps up a series of four images on one 35mm print. This multilens camera records your subject’s movement and is now coated in sleek silver. See it with the rest of our Multilens cameras here!

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