The Inner City of Graz in Black and White


After twenty-five years, I revisited this beautiful city. We had a free Saturday, so we decided to have a short trip to Graz. I shot in black and white and interestingly enough, it was raining almost all day, so the weather and the chosen medium kind of fitted with each other.

Credits: trychydts

This was my third trip to Graz, the first and the second was approximately twenty-five years before, and it was a really short one. I was a kid and we were traveling back to Hungary from our family holiday from Innsbruck. On our way out, we stopped in Graz for an approximately half an hour, this was enough for my sister to find a beautiful paper shop. So when we returned, she was really desperate to get there. Unfortunately, we only remembered that it was near a very large square. And then I remembered that there was a McDonald’s. Fortunately back then, there was only one McDonald’s at Graz; at the Jakominiplatz. So out of nostalgia, we started our walk around the city there.

Credits: trychydts

Although the atmosphere was a bit melancholic, the inner city of Graz looked particularly gorgeous in the rain. I loved the narrow streets, the many old houses. Graz is a beautifully-kept town, and the inner city is very well conserved. The Opera house was beautiful. We also really liked the market, and how it was a place not only to buy groceries, but to meet with each other and have a beer together. There were also many nice cafes and restaurants too.

I really enjoyed this trip – this city is an excellent mixture of old and new.

Credits: trychydts

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