Black and White Marina Barrage


The Marina Barrage is a dam in Singapore built across the mouth of the Marina Bay, creating the country’s 15th reservoir and the first in the city. Since its opening in 2008, Marina Barrage has become a popular weekend destination for many people. Read on to see it in black and white!

Besides providing water supply to the nation, Marina Barrage is also meant to provide flood control to the low lying areas and be a lifestyle attraction.

At the main entrance to the barrage, one will be greeted by a Splash @ Marina sculpture. It consists of a painting on an actual-sized replica of the seven pumps operating in Marina Barrage. The artist, Lim Poh Teck, also wrote the word “Water” in different languages so that visitors from around the world would be welcomed to Marina Barrage in their own language.

On the Marina Bridge, one can have a panoramic view of the Singapore skyline.

There are shelters and seats provided so that one can rest his tired legs.

A view of the main building from the bridge.

On level 2, there is a Sustainable Singapore Gallery (SSG). Admission is free. It is an information and sensory extravaganza showcasing Singapore’s efforts towards environmental sustainability.

On the rooftop, one can once again see the iconic Marina Bay Sands.

And the water playground. The water playground is where everyone can have fun getting soaking wet, especially on a hot day!

One can also have fun flying kites on the roof top!

On the ground level, the Pump House in the background contains the seven massive water pumps.

A few more art works adorn ground floor.

The Force of Nature by Lorenzo Quinn. It depicts a woman seeking to harness the Earth and the force of nature.

“What Goes Around Comes Around” is also by Lorenzo Quinn. It shows a man standing on a globe with his outreached hand encircling him and the globe and returning to point at him. It reflects the importance of environmental sustainability.

Marina Barrage is a location suitable for everyone, old and young! I will definitely come back here again!

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