Cha Am Beach: Perfect for Sand, Sun, and Sea


This is my guide to as island getaway to Cha Am Beach in Thailand. I went for a getaway to the quiet and serene Cha Am Beach with my family last month! Read more after the jump!

Fancy a seaside getaway after being in the city for too long? You’re in for a treat. I recently went to Cha Am Beach, which is in Cha Am district in Thailand.

Resort sign board along the beach.

A bit about Cha Am according to Wikipedia
Cha Am (Thai: ชะอำ, RTGS: Cha-am, IPA: [tɕʰāʔām]) is a district (Amphoe) in the southern part of Phetchaburi province, central Thailand. The district was established in 1897 in the name of Na Yang. In 1914 the center of the district was moved to Ban Nong Chok (now in Tha Yang district) and changed the name to Nong Chok district. After World War II, the government moved the office to Tambon Cha Am and also changed the district name to be Cha Am. It is a famous beach resort town in Thailand. Cha Am houses the only American university in Thailand. Webster University nearly has 200 students from numerous international countries. Cha Am is also famous for its beachfront, which is home to many high-rise beach resorts.

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This whole stretch of beach is full of resorts, service apartments, private residences, and hotels!

It is a 4-hour drive from the airport to Hua Hin by car with one stop for lunch.

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I arrived at Cha Am around 4pm and after putting our luggage away in our rented service apartment, we are off to the beach!

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From the beach, everything is calm and serene. The sound of the waves and the beautiful scenery makes anyone relaxed.

I decided to ask my sibling for some stunt shots! You can see my sister and brother doing jump shots for me!

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I even asked them to pose at one of the fishermen’s boat in the classic Titanic pose. Romantic much?

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We walked all the way to the front part of the beach and met a local Thai woman with her dog named Garfield. It’s grumpy when I tried to go closer to take its photo. You can also see my siblings posing behind Garfield.

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On our way to the front part of the beach we even met little crab.

Credits: cutebun
Credits: cutebun

As the sun was setting and the night approaching, we decided to call it a day from the beach and went back to the apartment for dinner.

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I finally used my Krab casing too in this trip for the first time!

I highly recommend you to visit Cha Am Beach if you like private beaches that are not as commercialized as other beaches in Thailand. Have fun in the sun!

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