Super Easy Macro with La Sardina

2012-05-03 6

The trustworthy La Sardina is not only famous with its super wide-angle but now you can do macro shots too. Wide-angle + macro is definitely another hit for La Sardina.

Kodak EBX

Well, this is a super easy and quick Tipster that doesn’t require any expensive tools. Eventually, you can get as close as 10-15cm focus distance with your La Sardina.

You will need:

  • A La Sardina camera
  • An inexpensive magnifying glass

Any common magnifying glass will work with this Tipster, as long as the diameter of the glass is bigger than the lens.Try to get a magnifying glass that is clear, clean, and scratchless to obtain the best result. Turn the lens to the 60cm focus distance (see fly symbol) and all you need to do is hold the magnifying glass in front of the lens and you can start to shoot.

I found out that the the focus distance is about 10-15cm. I never really measure the distance when I shoot since Lomo is about freedom. I just gauge the distance and shoot.

Some photos taken with La Sardina, Fuji Sensia 400, photos 9 to 14 taken with Kodak EBX

If you really keen to find out the exact focus distance you can try this method Macro or Close-Up Lomography with DIY Lens by mapix.

I hope this Tipster is useful for you all! Try it out!

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  3. minniema
    minniema ·

    Wow am very tempted :)

  4. breakingmyself
    breakingmyself ·

    Great shots :)

    I'll be on the look out for a magnifying glass now!

  5. julia-b
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    I tried this with little flowers, loved it.…
    Your photos are beautiful!

  6. mapix
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    great macros! thanks for the article! took a simple eyeglass lens, completely scrached - doesn't matter, was really surprised at that!

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