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2012-05-02 2

The Pop9 is a great little camera, which produces 9 identical images on one 35mm frame. But if you want to give your self slightly different results, think about playing with the internal frames for the lenses Warning: this Tipster permanently modify your Pop 9!

Credits: rosebud82

Normally, your Pop 9 gives you 9 identical images on the one frame and they are nicely split with a frame around each image. If you fancy a change and you are willing to modify your Pop9 for good, you could try out this Tipster.

The results of the Tipster depend how you decide to modify the Pop9. By adapting the frame inside, the results vary. The camera will still be taking 9 identical photos (unless you cover up any lenses), but there will be no neat framing on the resulting image, as there is no frames to contain the light as it hits the film, therefore all the images will merge into each other.

Credits: rosebud82

To carry out this modification, you will need a Pop9 that you do not mind permanently changing and a cutting tool, (you can pick these up on auction sites).

1. You will need to decide in advance what sort of effect you want your final photos to have, and once you have completed the Tipster you can’t go back! For the examples in this Tipster, I have removed the vertical pieces of plastic, therefore there is nothing to stop the images merging horizontally.

2. Once you have decided which frames you would like to remove, very carefully cut the frames you wish to remove using the cutting tool. You need to do this very gently as there is the chance other frames could come lose, this is a risk that has to be taken. The photos used in this Tipster have had vertical frames removed, so the images won’t merge horizontally but they will vertically. You need to cut the frames where the red marks are in the below photo. It should then look like the second photo.

3. If you wish to get a nice smooth finish to the photos you can file down any rough edges.

4. For this Tipster I have then covered up some of the lens externally. For this I used black electrical tape. I taped up the 3 rows of lens on both the left and right. This then only leaves the 3 middle lens open. This will then give the effect that the light will come through the middle lens and then spread over most of the negative horizontally as there is no frame to stop it.

5. To experiment with this Tipster more, you could get the effect of three different images onto one 35mm frame. For this you would need to cover up all of the lens so only one middle lens is open for each time you shoot the roll through the camera. To do this you will need to complete steps 1-4, but also cover up the central and middle bottom lens, so the only lens that is open is the top middle one. Load the film in the camera and mark the film like I have mentioned in a previous tipster Experimenting with the Lens.

6. Shoot through the roll and rewind as described in that Tipster. Load the camera again and this time change the open lens to the central middle lens. Shoot again and follow the above instructions for the bottom middle lens. When you get the film developed you should have different images for each row. This will obviously take longer as you have to effectively shoot three rolls of film.

Credits: rosebud82

The Pop 9 takes nine identical images on one print. Transform your environment into explosions of pattern-repeating pop-art with the Pop 9. See it with the rest of our Multilens cameras here!

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  1. chetsellars
    chetsellars ·

    If I removed the horizontal barriers in the middle row only, would I get three images on either side, with one solid image down the middle? If so, I definitely think I'll get a Pop 9 to try this out.

  2. gdc
    gdc ·

    Great effect!

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