Diary of an Intern: Crossing Off To-Do Lists


Do you also have quite a collection of things you always wanted to do but never did? Well I do, but I try my best to realize some of my plans!

Of course, I already loved analogue photography before I started my internship at the Headquarters in Vienna. But because I am now confronted with all those photographic enthusiasts, I get more and more curious and ambitious to try new things and experiment a bit more. Because time is as always running and I already have quite a collection of plans, I never realized I made myself a short list of stuff I want to do till the end of my internship.

To start things easier I also searched our magazine for some helpful articles and some inspiration:

1. Make a pinhole camera.

Credits: novakmisi, juznobsrvr, mephisto19 & jeepeng

2. Experiment with double exposures.

Credits: caramba, hodachrome, larslau, renenob & fotoglove

3. Waste my film.

Credits: alexiagraphy

So tell me, what kind of long term plans to you have and somehow managed to realize? And is there something else in analogue photography you think I should try?

written by evarhabarber on 2012-05-11 #news #analogue-photography #tutorials #experiment #art #intern #tipster #diary-of-an-intern #vienna

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