Let's Make a Lomo Scrapbook

2012-05-03 2

Turn your La Sardina Photo Accordion into a wonderful Lomo Scrapbook!

When I received my La Sardina Möbius I felt its Photo Accordion was just too cute to only use it to display a few photos. I decided to turn it into a scrapbook to fill with my Lomographs, drawings, notes, movie tickets, dried flowers collected in the park, tiny bits of colored fabric, and so on, like a diary of tangible memories – I think that’s a nice way to go analogue for a day!

Here’s what I used to make my scrapbook:

Basically, all you have to do is add pages to your Photo Accordion . You can add pages in the front part [the one with the design repruducing that of La Sardina Pattern Edition Cameras ], to the back, monochrome part or to both, like I did.

You will need a few sheets of paper, as many as you like. You can use squared, ruled, drawing, colored paper, magazine cut-outs, old envelopes unfolded, anything, mixed all together, or you can use a different type of sheets in each of the “sections” you’re about to add to your Photo Accordion.

Firs of all, take some of your paper sheets and insert them in one of the folds of your photo accordion, close it, and cut along its edge so that your sheet will fit perfectly into the album.

Once you have enough fitting pieces of paper, open your photo accordion, insert the sheets again, and bind them to it using some thread (or yarn). Tie a knot on the back of the fold, bind the new pages one more time and cut the thread in excess. Repeat this operation in each fold of the front (and in the back of your accordion too, if you like).

Once you think you have added enough pages, your scrapbook will look rather colored and thicker.

You can now start decorating your scrapbook! You can keep your Lomographs in it, add stickers, movie tickets, drawings, or you can use it to write notes, ideas, things you like – just about anything!

Have fun making your own Lomo Scrapbook!

The Photo Accordion, as the name suggests, folds and unfolds like an accordion. It’s a convenient option to hold up to 14 Lomographs in just one set! Available in 6 different sets and 3 different sizes to suit your needs, now there’s no excuse not to put your precious memories on display. See all Lomography stationery here.

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  1. skrutt
    skrutt ·

    Great job! It turned out really cute! Love your heart-shaped paperclips too! Will put this on my to-do-list :)

  2. ilovemyson
    ilovemyson ·

    i'll make one for my son's first birthday. =)

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