The Longest LomoKino Video Thus Far: Tomorrow by Arakajime

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At 17 minutes long, Arakajime’s “Tomorrow” is currently the longest music video shot using the LomoKino. Whew, talk about cranking that camera! Watch the video clip and learn more about director Go Shibata’s techniques here. (Excuse our Japanese!)

There’s lots to learn—and love—about “Tomorrow.” It comes from Arakajime’s EP entitled “Today” and the only other song in the album is called “Yesterday.” The band’s name arakajime literally means “for pre-determined” lovers in Japanese. “That was the starting point of ideas. Love was the theme,” adds director Go Shibata. Combine that with the band’s dubstep, downtempo, and even reggae influences, and the long-winding music video makes total sense.

Screencaps of Tomorrow by Arakajime

The makeup of Arakajime’s music involves picturesque characters and a cinematic feel, generated using musical jump cuts and collage. His musical textures invoke ambivalent feelings such as hidden madness in solitude and a purity in decadence. These musical characteristics are generating a lot of attention from up-and-coming artists working in movie and theatre which have resulted in Arakajime’s music being used in many soundtracks.

37-year-old director Shibata is a first-time LomoKino user yet he had no problems shooting with the analogue movie camera. He says the LomoKino is a “strange camera that can relive the history of movie film in the point of view of a toy.” It’s that easy to use and yet the outcome is an intricately-woven story set to song.

Tomorrow by Arakajime

“I used 36 rolls of 36 exposure film. I was making a record and didn’t even know.” Shibata’s advice to future LomoKino shooters? “Have a heart that challenges experiments. Do not control so much and get interesting effects. LomoKino gives us a wonderful depth to the work resulting in an effect similar to the texture of the fragments of memory because there is a very personal affinity with things. And scan your own negatives!”

Read Go Shibata Shoots LomoKino (in Japanese) for more on the director. Visit Arakajime for more info on the band. Sourced from Oops Music.

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