10 Lomographs Every Mom will Love

2012-05-21 12

Moms are sentimental by nature, weak in the knees for their children. Most are also alarmingly practical and are hesitant to spend on themselves. So what do you do when Mother’s Day or her special day rolls around? Read on to find out!

For a surefire hit when it comes to gift giving, surprise your mother with a special photo gift. But not just any photo, these are photographs that she will treasure for a lifetime—the kind of pictures that are destined to become cherished family keepsakes.

1. A photo that captures her inner child personality.

To capture her personality, forget unnatural poses and look for candid moments when she is having fun.

Credits: meerly

2. A photo of her kids showing affection.

She will never get tired seeing how much you love her. Get your camera close and fill your frame with your subject for a more intimate and powerful picture.

Credits: meerly

3. A photo of herself as a little girl.

Gather a handful of Mom’s favorite childhood photos—ones where her personality really shines through. Then see if you can find or take a similar one of her child or grandchild.

4. A photo of her with her kids—all grown up.

Create an annual family photo day. Shoot portraits of each family member on the same day each year. Or pick one day every month to do a quick photo shoot.

Credits: meerly

5. A photo of weirdness that she couldn’t achieve in her era.

Only Lomographs can give a fresh look in her eyes.

Credits: meerly

6. A photo of a treasured object from her youth.

Bring cherished memories back with a photo from her younger days.

7. A photo of your time spent together.

There are few moments as memorable as a mother traveling with her kids.

Credits: meerly

8. A photo of herself that she loves.

Stick to solid colors when dressing for a portrait; busy patterns or designs (such as stripes) can be distracting.

9. A photo that makes her laugh.

You really can’t take too many photos—the more you snap, the better your chances of getting a great shot.

10. A photo that shows the importance of her in your life.

I tattooed my mom’s name on my thigh. She touches it every time she sees it.

This post is dedicated to my mom, LAW SEUW CHING.

To all the mothers in the world: Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. ava_maria
    ava_maria ·

    I love this article! Very sweet, and you and your mother are both very pretty :)

  2. meerly
    meerly ·

    @ava_maria thanks! Do you think we look alike? I look like her when she was young!

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    lovely moments :)

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    wonderful !!!

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    very nice! inspiring! thanks!

  8. shind
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    LOVE your article! Makes me wanna do the same with my mom!

  9. eva_eva
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    This is sweet! :)

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    The tatoo <3

  11. meerly
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    Precieus :)

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