The Tiniest Lights: My 365-Day Project


My 2012 resolution? Remember an analogue moment each day. Read about my own 365-day analogue project that I started in January of this year.

Credits: lita_bosch

Two years ago I started having a look at some 364 projects, a photo a day. I really admire the perseverance and artistic overcoming abilities these people show. This year, I decided to do my own 365 day project. I didn’t want it to be digital, like most of them are, so I looked for some “data back” option, and I found my Yashica T4, and since January 1st of 2012 I’m taking one photo a day.

The Tiniest Lights” was initially conceived with these rules:

  • Use only Neopan film, expired in 1999
  • Develop all films in December

I haven’t stuck to one of these rules. Someone said rules were meant to be broken. When I started this project I realised I don’t have enough Neopan films for the whole year, so in March I used another film. I also thought that black and white expired film isn’t as clear as a regular one after taking the photo, so I developed each film roll once it was finished.

Credits: lita_bosch

I don’t know how the project will develop in the remaining year. But one thing I know is that next year, I will have 365 memories. Who knows if I will be able to remember everything that happened before or after the photo?

written by lita_bosch on 2012-05-02 #lifestyle #fuji-neopan #black-white #yashica-t4 #365 #365-project #tiniest-lights
translated by didocarrero

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