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He is a lomographer lost between films and developments, a lomoarch whose lomopath is delimited by b&w nostalgic albums. He lives in an inspiring city surrounded by the ideal environment to stimulate creativity and he captures this essence in each frame. Here comes our next beloved LomoArch: borbapereira!

Credits: borbapereira

Borbapereira supports an interesting parallelism between the time spent developing film and the time spent building a project. The bridge to analogue photography was made at the time of learning architecture; since then, he’s fighting against a continuous improving process.

He’s from the same country as one of the biggest influences in architecture worldwide and he’s lucky to be surrounded by its amazing old school architecture and a new architectural boom as well. Lomography let him see buildings and open spaces as volumetric compositions and capture the essence of an instant. Through Lomography, he’s able to let architecture go free, allows him to break boundaries, and transforms ordinary architecture in challenging volumes, angles and spaces. His favourite films are the black & white 120 format ones. Each LomoArch transport us back in time to a fantastic world where architecture is simple, letting us feel that fulfils the main aim, to serve man.

What -alia- likes the most: the crude way of capture the building as a piece of art.

Credits: borbapereira

That’s all for today; next, I’ll leave you with a little bit more of this pure LomoArch.

Name: Eduardo Borba
LomoHome: Borbapereira
Location: São Paulo, Brasil
Lomographer since: 2009
Architect since: 2001

Can you make a short resume of yourself as a Lomographer as well as an Architect?

These two passions that I have, architecture and analogue photography, grew up together for me.

When I began studying architecture, back in 1995 I took some extra classes of black and white photography. I always have loved photography and that was a great opportunity for me to get into this world. Besides that, photography helped me as an architect student to practice and improve my ability to see buildings and open spaces as volumetric compositions.

Today, I work as an architect designing buildings. It is one way to express my vision of architecture. The other one is through photography.

Why are you in this LomoWorld as an architect?

Lomography allowed me to take my photos to a new level. It allowed me to free my vision of architecture.

How do you see the bond between Lomography and Architecture?

Both capture the essence of a moment. In architecture, it captures the essence of the time of its creation. It’s almost like a snapshot. You freeze in time the zeitgeist of that moment. Another thing is that, after the architecture design is complete, it will take a lot of time to be built. Until there, the architect will not fully experience his design. You always will be surprised by the unexpected result of one detail, or one angle that you see the building or its inner space that you could not realize before. It is like waiting to develop a film and see the unpredictable results.

Which camera and film best portray your architectural visions and why?

I prefer medium format black and white films. Today, I use my Diana F+ will be my next step. I hope I can get one soon!

Ending, simple questions demand simple answers. Which architect and building did/would you prefer to take Lomographs of?

I love to photograph Niemeyer’s buildings. The curves and angles create so many interesting shapes, volumes, and spaces.

I’d say that I love to photograph Gehry’s buildings too. They have so unique volumes. You can never stop finding new angles to shoot these buildings.

Credits: borbapereira

Liliana de Sousa- is living as a foreigner around the world since 2004 but is originally from Portugal. She’s an architect with the will of sharing nowadays architecture through lomographers eyes. Read more about Just Another Lomoarch series.

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