Lomography & Death & Taxes Present “The Future is…” Competition


Here at Lomography we all know that the Future is Analogue. But of course, that’s not all the future is. The future can be anything we imagine, and many things we couldn’t imagine.

photo by klingsor

Here at Lomography we all know that the Future is Analogue. But of course, that’s not all the future is. The future can be anything we imagine, and many things we couldn’t imagine.

For this competition, The Lomographic Society along with our friends at Death & Taxes Magazine want to know what else the future is. Is it the apocalyptic wasteland of all our worst fears, or a world where hope has trumped despair? Is the planet populated by aliens, robots and time travelers? Have we found ways to end our wars, reduce our waste, and fix our environment? What advances will make life easier? What mistakes could set us back?

We want to know these answers of course. But we also just want to know what the future means to you. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 25 years? 50 years? Show us the goals you set for yourself, the dreams you will strive to achieve, and the people you hope will be there when you do. In other words, finish this sentence with a photo: The Future is….

10 lomographic prophets selected by Death & Taxes will be awarded with an incredible Diana F+ Blackjack Special Edition camera as a prize for their visionary predictions.

But that’s not all. Each of the 10 winning photos will appear in Death & Taxes Magazine as part of their November issue dedicated entirely to the question: What is the future?

But wait, there’s more! All 10 photos will be printed in large size to be put on display at the Lomography Gallery Store NYC as part of our very first ever gallery exhibition show beginning on October 13th, the launch date of the Death & Taxes issue!

Since this issue is all about the future, Death & Taxes readers will be able to use Mobot – a new technology that allows you to access more content from each page of the magazine through your mobile phone – to actually vote for a winning image! The one winner picked by the D&T readers will receive an LC-A+ Starter Kit – the legendary snapshot camera that has inspired so many in the past and present, and will surely inspire many in the future.

Winning images will need to be printed in large format for the exhibition and in high-resolution for the issue, so please have a hi-res scan available for print, or a negative of your image to print from.

By submitting to this competition, you grant Death & Taxes Magazine to reprint your photos in their magazine with only a photo credit to you, and you grant both Lomography and Death & Taxes the rights to use your photo for any and all promotions associated with this project. You also grant the Lomography Gallery Store the right to reproduce your work in large size for an in-store gallery exhibition. After the exhibition has concluded, you can pick up your print at the Lomography Gallery Store NYC, or pay all shipping costs associated with sending the print to you.

So take us on a lomographic journey into the future and show us what the future is…

written by alexandrak on 2009-07-27 #news #competition #lca #death-taxes #diana-f-black-jack #the-future-is


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  2. day3hugger
    day3hugger ·

    cool!!! what's the upload limit? , i have way too many dreams and hopes for the future hehe

  3. dogma
    dogma ·

    WoW! very intersting! any rules? upload limit?

  4. panelomo
    panelomo ·

    coolio rumble! thanks Death & Taxes Mag!

    The future is...

  5. alexandrak
    alexandrak ·

    Upload limit is 5 images!

  6. cinzinc
    cinzinc ·

    hmmm...tough...gotta think for this...wait, i just gotta shoot

  7. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    i love the shot!!!!!

  8. adi_totp
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    interesting stuff :)

  9. breakphreak
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    cool :) I'll think what can I have in my pocket :)

  10. klingsor
    klingsor ·

    this pic in home it's MY!!!!!

  11. alexandrak
    alexandrak ·

    @klingsor I added your lomohome link! We loved it from the AC Gears contest!

  12. cheriesu
    cheriesu ·

    Will the winner also get a copy of the November issue?

  13. alexandrak
    alexandrak ·

    @cheriesu Yes!

  14. jaminsemirang
    jaminsemirang ·

    Whoa, incredible, thinking about something in the future is really incredible. Well, I myself don't really get along with sci-fi stuff.. Perhaps this one could be different. Happy shooting friends.

  15. dfunkdamager
    dfunkdamager ·

    Very interesting ;)

  16. abcdefuck
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    oh sry. i uploaded 6. the last one was a mistake.

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