Kampong Glam in Black and White


Kampong Glam is a historical district in Singapore. Prior to colonization by the British in 1819, the area was home to the Malay aristocracy of Singapore. Hence, the area is rich in ethnic Malay and Muslim cultural heritage. Read on after the jump to see them in black and white!

In Malay, the word “Kampung” means “village or settlement” and “Glam” is the name of a particular tree, which grew in abundance in the area in early Singapore. During Singapore’s early history, Kampong Glam was designated for the Sultan and his household, as well as the Malay and Arab communities, many of whom were merchants.

Today, the most prominent landmark in Kampong Glam is the Sultan Mosque. The mosque is considered as one of the most important mosques in Singapore due to its rich history. The prominent features of the mosque are the golden dome, minarets, and balustrades.

Today, the Kampong Glam area has been transformed into a hip and happening place. One can see colorful murals and street graffiti on the walls of many buildings.

Many pubs and restaurants had been setup in the area to cater to the high number of visitors.

This has led some people to start a campaign to make the area an alcohol-free zone.

Regardless of the transformation, one can still find some old-school tradesmen in the area.

The area is also great for street photography!

I can have a hearty meal in one of the many cafes after the Lomo walk!

I will definitely revisit the area again in the future as there is so much to see and do! Do drop by if you are in town as well!

Source: Wikipedia

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