Love is Analogue around Latin America


I have been around Latin America with my Lomo cameras a lot. Latin America is definitely more enjoyable with a Lomo in your pocket. Rio de Janeiro is always beautiful – summer or winter, you can always enjoy the sea and samba.

It does not matter where you stand, as long as you wear your favorite pair of Havaianas. The food is amazing, and so are all the views. Lomography is definitely there to stay, I thought. So, I went to Buenos Aires wherein I ran into a brother and sister, hugging each other, then they realized I was carrying along my Lomokino. I tried to show how much they love each other through several shots, but after a while, I realized my Buquebus was almost gone… and I missed my boat to Uruguay.

I then took the bus…but not to Uruguay. I went to Villa Gesell, a small town next to the beach in Buenos Aires. It was so cold that I could hardly move my hands. It was then my Holga’s time. She was the only one who could work in such conditions. We went to the beach and ran into some friends, who fell in love with her right away. Without the Holga in my handbag, I tried to remember the good old shots in black and white. There were so many. She is just amazing. The Diana F also offered some good times, cannot say otherwise. She is also one of the nicest lomo cameras I have and has helped me in capturing scenic shots of Lima, near the Faro. I definitely love living the analogue life!

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written by maritaerrepe on 2012-05-11 #places #location #escape-from-the-city #lomokino-holga-diana-f

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