Fuzeta: A Portuguese Fishing Village in Black And White

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Are you looking for a very calm and quiet location near the beach to spend a few days at? If so, Fuzeta, a small village in Algarve, is just the place. Oh, and don’t forget to eat some snails while you’re there, they are delicious!

Normally, when one talks about Algarve and its various beaches, a few locations immediately pop to mind: Faro, Vilamoura, Albufeira, Praia da Rocha and Lagos are all favorites among tourists. However, Algarve is so much more than that and if you delve deeper, you will find many small typical Portuguese villages to enjoy some quiet time away from the city. Fuzeta is one of those villages.

Located in the district of Faro, Fuzeta is a small fishing village, which despite its size, has much to offer. Throughout the years it has become more and more popular as a tourist hideout, mainly due to its proximity to the beach and the campsite located in the center of the village.

As a fishing village, you will of course find a harbor with many, many colorful boats, which truly is a lovely sight.

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You will also find many small typical restaurants where you can eat outside and watch them grill the fish right next to you.

There is a large square, next to the campsite, with a park where children can play and where you can take a stroll and have a wonderful view of the river mouth.

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However, if you go deeper into the village streets that is where its true charm lies. You will walk through many, many narrow streets, and admire the small houses adorned with typical Portuguese mosaic tiles

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And for cat lovers like me, you will certainly find some adorable cats whether they are sitting at a window or running about freely.

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Just like in all small towns and villages in Portugal, there is also a church with a graveyard right next to it.

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Fuzeta is the perfect place for street photography as you will find many children playing in the streets and people having a good time in the village squares where typical cafes and restaurants are located.

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And speaking of cafes and restaurants, have you ever tried snails? In Portugal, especially in the south where Algarve is, snails are very, very popular. When I was very young I lived in the U.K. and my classmates were horrified when I said I ate snails. Nevertheless, they really are delicious I used to say it was one of the things I missed the most from Portugal (that and the sun!). So if you spend some vacation days in Fuzeta or anywhere in Portugal (especially in the south as snails are not very popular in the north of the country) be sure to try some: a plate of snails with a pint of beer is the perfect afternoon summer snack!

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