Nice to See Your Photos Used in a Historical Perspective

After working for quite a long time, the company that I’ve been employed at is closing it’s office after 30+ years, time to add some photos to the archive of our company and showcase its history to all the workers. And indeed the Sprocket Rocket was being used….

It is always nice to see your own photos in an enlarged format, but when your photos are being used in a historical perspective it becomes even more special!

My employer has been running an office located in Zeist for quite a long time but time is moving on and the decision has been made to empty out our offices and leave….

As we have been here for quite a few decades, there should have been quite a few photos taken on our site to document the company’s stay on this site.

However there has been quite a long ban on taking photos of our site, and this ban was, and is, being held properly, and as a result, when our office wanted to showcase a historical photowall there weren’t a lot of photos from the last few years.

I was thinking that it would be a shame to leave this location without taking some photos and putting them on display so we would be able to remember this part of history too!

It took some time and a lot of e-mails and phone calls and there it was…my permission to take and create images of our location! I was happy to be able to arrange a Saturday morning where the doors would open and I was allowed to record our site.. And being a lomographer, my Lomography Sprocket Rocket came along too…

After developing and scanning my images (both digitally and Lomographs) I have turned them in at our Corporate Communications Office and they liked the images so much that the images have been used in a wall wide display of history at our company-restaurant mixing both a lot of the old black-and white images and my color-images.. It’s so nice to hear a lot of colleagues appreciating the big canvas prints and wondering where they came from.

The Sprocket Rocket is the first wide-angle camera dedicated entirely to sprockets. And with dual winding knobs for easy multiple exposures, there is no limit to your analogue creativity with this panoramic wonder. See the Sprocket Rocket in our Shop!

written by lichtschilder on 2012-05-31 #lifestyle #2012-gallery-showcase-sprocket-rocket-print-show-history-canvas-exhebition-prod-nicetobelomographer

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