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2012-05-02 1

Browsing the internet, I stumbled upon a very lovely story. It’s a story about a clever young boy, his creativity, his inventiveness and… tons of old cardboards! Lomographers, analogue lovers and DIY maniacs this is the story for you. If you’re curious, read more after the jump!

Caine’s Arcade Bag – Photo via Facebook

Caine is a 9 year-old boy from Los Angeles. His dad owns a used auto parts store and Caine, during summer holidays, started to cut and create with the old cardboards his dad threw away. As a young boy, Caine loves games and arcades so he decided to make his own one, all by himself! He’s such a creative mind that, after a month-long work, he managed to build an awesome elaborate DIY cardboard arcade, complete with games, prizes, tickets and even security systems! He called it “Caine’s Arcade”.

Photos via Facebook

Unfortunately, not so many people pass there so Caine’s Arcade had no customers at all. But it happened that one day Nirvan Mullik , a filmmaker from Interconneted (the Los Angeles based creative agency) stopped by and bought a ticket. Nirvan was so impressed about Caine’s awesome work that he decided to make a short film about him and to organize a flash mob to get the young boy lot of customers. The film is really nice and it tells about Caine’s work and story. Here it is, if you want to check with your own eyes:

Nirvan Mullik short film

And some behind the scene photos:

Caine and Nirvan Mullik – Photo via Caine's Facebook

Well, I have to admit this story is not really entirely analogue: digital plays a great role in it. In fact, it’s thanks to social networks and websites that now we can see and read about it. Unfortunately, I also think that Caine and his arcade are way too much hyped now and the original unaffected childlike feelings are kind of betrayed. Anyway, this article is not about that but the arcade and the stunning DIY spirit of this child.

Caine – Photo via Caine's Facebook

I decided to write about Caine because I thought this was a really nice story to share and spread, not just because of its happy ending but for what Caine himself represents. This 9 years-old kid shows how a “going back to the origins” is actually possible, even in the digital era. Don’t you think so? It’s so comforting that not every kid’s just dream about video games! And I’m pretty sure there are so many other young boys as Caine, dreaming, inventing and creating their own words.

So, dear Lomographers, I think that this is a great win for us and for the analogue way of thinking. A big “Hooray!” to recycled paper, do-it-yourself and analogue spirit! Now, go and take the scissors and start racking your brain. But before doing this, stop by Caine's website and write him a big thanks for being so inspiring!

All information for this article was taken from Caine's Arcade official website.

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