Fixing Diana F+ Colorflash After Losing Gel Filter Holding Bubble


Burst your bubble on the Diana F+ Color flash and now don’t know how to get color gels to stick over the flash? Your days of color flash photography are not lost. Here’s my aesthetically pleasing, functional, quick and cheap fix.

I love my Diana F+ Qing Hua, it’s so pretty and I love taking photos using the color flash. One night at a dance party while changing my color gels, the plastic bubble that holds them in place fell off. Needless to say, that small clear plastic piece was lost forever on the dance floor. I seriously felt awful about losing such an integral part of my beautiful camera. Not wanting to spend $100 to get a new Qing Hua with matching color flash, nor $50 on a black Diana F+ flash just to get a replacement plastic bubble (and risk breaking it in the process of installing it in my Qing Hua), I was desperate to come up with an aesthetically pleasing and functional solution. Finally, a fix struck me that is as aesthetic and functional as it is cheap and easy to do.

What You Need

  • Clear contact paper or self laminating paper (wide packing tape may work but will be trickier)
  • A one-inch (25 mm) circle template (a €.50 coin or a quarter) or a compass.
  • Pencil, pen, or marker
  • Scissors

What To Do

  1. Trace a one-inch (25 mm) circle and a one-inch by half inch (25 mm by 13 mm) rectangle on to the backing of some clear contact paper. I used Avery Self-Laminating sheets.
  2. Cut out the circle and rectangle.
  3. Leaving the backing paper on, line up the rectangle in the middle of the circle, and trim the corners of the rectangle to match the contour of the circle.
  4. Put the rounded rectangle sticky side or backing paper side up over the flashbulb of your Diana F+ flash so that it nestles between the two parallel ridges. Remove the backing paper from the rounded rectangle, and leave it there, sticky side up. (If the sticky side faces down, it will stick to the flash and you will not be able to insert your gels later.)
  5. Remove the backing paper from the circle. Carefully line up and stick the circle sticky side facing the flash and the sticky side of the rounded rectangle, to the non-textured flat circular area of the flash, being careful not to shift the rounded rectangle from between the two ridges. (I left the backing paper on for the picture just so you can see where it goes.)
  6. Burnish it lightly with your fingers to make sure it sticks to the rounded rectangle and the plastic.
  7. Insert your color gels between the contact paper and flashbulb. Its just like the bubble is still there!
  8. Get out and take more color flash photos!
    One more tip: I keep my Diana Color Flash gels (and a spare AA battery for the flash) in a clear 35mm film container so they don’t get lost. They are easier to see and grab as well.

The Diana F+ Qing Hua edition is specially designed by designer-illustrator Dorothy Tang. The camera’s vintage Chinese appeal perfectly matches the Diana F+ trademark soft-focus and dreamy qualities. See it with the rest of the Diana Clones here!

written by wendyraeann on 2012-04-30 #gear #tutorials #camera #repair #tipster #modification #colorflash #diana-f-gels-filters

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