One Film Camera a Day Keeps the Digital Away!

2012-05-08 3

Do you remember the old-fashioned proverb, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”? Well, here, you can find seven of my preferred film cameras for an entire analogue week!

Analogue for a week? With seven different cameras? Yes…it is possible, and a lot of fun! Let’s begin!


First day of hard work. You have made the breakfast early, you are faced with traffic, but you want to sleep and relax for another day. So, if you are still a little “sleepy”, you can keep in your pocket a lighter camera, a very simple one with a super wide angle of 22 mm. It’s easy to use: no focusing, no times, no aperture selection, only a button to press! Bring the “White Slim Angel,” a Vivitar UWS clone, with you.

While you are waiting for your train to return home, you can make a stop, and take a shoot of your day!

Credits: sirio174


On the second day, you can wake up more easily, and you’re a little less asleep. So, you can use a camera with more commands; for example, something with a focusing feature. Why not bring with you the wonderful LC-A+RL?

And, in the break time, you can go to the market for a pause and to buy your lunch!

Credits: sirio174


Now, you are ready for a camera with other commands, for example with times and aperture setting. The timeless Smena 8M!

Light, easy to carry, and has a very sharp lens, you can try some experiments with it, like double exposures in 35mm format, maybe taking some photos of the rest of the carnival feast of the previous day, when you were at work!

…or you can imagine some “trees of the paradise”!

Credits: sirio174


Time to try street photography and use a great Russian Leica clone: the Zorki 4, with its bright viewfinder! It’s easy to use even in low light conditions!

Are you tired? Take a break and visit a local garden during your pause! And take some shoot with this wonderful rangefinder camera!


It’s the last working day… but, in the late evening, you are free!

So, take with you a fully manual SLR, the mythical Zenit E, and while you are waiting your train to return home, you can make wonderful photos of nature in a local park with its Helios 44-2 lens. Get excellent shots with dreamy pastel tones if you overexpose a little.

…or you can obtain great sharpness and high contrast with the tiny Industar 50-2 lens!


Have fun with your family and friends! Have fun with the 120 format, with expired films, with double exposures. Time to use the Lubitel 166U!

Enjoy a good ice cream! (and a good expired film!)

Credits: sirio174

…or make a short bicycle-boat trip by a wonderful lake (here is “my” lake in Como, Italy!).

Credits: sirio174


Free time. Time to “widen” your Horizon with a Perfekt camera, the Horizon Perfekt!

Enjoy and immortalize beautiful landscapes with your family, or use this camera in a picnic, in a park!

Credits: sirio174

Film is alive! Let’s go analog!

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    Cute ideas :)

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    thank you for these great ideas :-)

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    You have got good selections and a really original article. Unless I got a salary that of my supervisor's and then some, then I'll get all of these. Lol.

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