The Arkells' Exclusive Photos from their Visit to the Piano Shop


It’s no doubt that Canada’s top rock band the Arkells love Lomography Cameras. Last month we had the chance to see the photo journal of Mike DeAngelis and the adventures from their band tour. In this entry, he shares the photos that he took while visiting a piano shop, using his favourite Lomography Lady Grey 400 35mm film!

Amp Cabinet Assembly, Hamilton ON, Canon F1, 55mm 1.2

I recently visited my friend Adam Melnick at the Hamilton shop where he tunes and fixes pianos.

If it has keys, strings, or speakers there’s a good chance Adam can build or fix it.

‘Piano Techniques’ Toolbox, Hamilton ON, Canon F1, 55mm 1.2
Partial Piano and Tools, Hamilton ON, Canon F1, 55mm 1.2

He’s recently begun building his own custom guitar amps from scratch under the name OREC, even down to the wooden cabinets to keep an eye out for them on stage in the near future.

Keys and Hammers, Hamilton ON, Canon F1, 24mm 2.8
Hammond Organ, Boxcar Sound Recording, Hamilton ON, Canon F1, 55mm 1.2

It was really cool to see all of the pianos in various states of assembly. They’re such complicated and detailed instruments, and it was a real treat to see Adam working his magic on them.

Piano Shop, Hamilton ON,Canon F1, 24mm 2.8

All photos were taken with Mike’s favorite film, Lomography Lady Grey B&W 400 35mm film

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