Heysham in Black and White


Heysham is a village just outside Lancaster that overlooks Morecambe Bay. The village is probably most famous for its port and nuclear power plants; however once you look past those, the village also has amazing history and heritage as well as gorgeous coastlines.

When you look past the port and nuclear power plants, Heysham is a charming little village of quaint 17th century cottages, amazing heritage, history, and a gorgeous coastline.

The coastline also boasts of the ruins of St Patrick’s Chapel. The ruins date back to 8th or 9th century, it is built of sandstone rubble and is listed as a Grade 1 site. Near the chapel is a group of six rock-cut tombs and a separate group of two rock-cut tombs. It is thought that the chapel was built to serve a monastic community although local legend has it that St. Patrick landed here after crossing from Ireland and established the chapel himself.

Adjacent to the ruins, is St Patrick’s Church, which was thought to be built around the same time as the chapel and one of the oldest in Lancashire. The church was an impressive graveyard with graves from various centuries and also the lower part of the decorated shaft of an Anglo-Saxon cross on a modern sandstone base. The purpose of this strange stone sculpture is the subject of much debate and they can be found elsewhere across the country.

The coastline along Heysham is often referred to as ‘The Barrows’ and The Barrows are the only sea-cliffs in Lancashire and contain, in a relatively small area, woodland, open grassland, sandy beaches, and deep rock pools.

Heysham is a wonderful mixture of old heritage, new powers, and natural beauty and definitely worth a visit.

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