The New York Times: Lomography Surviving in a Digital World

2012-04-27 3

If it’s in The New York Times, you better believe it! Jenna Wortham of the daily paper sits with Matthias Fiegl, one of Lomography’s founders, to talk about the endurance of analogue photography in a predominantly digital era. Read more about the NY Times feature here.

Yes, Kodak has filed for bankruptcy and has raised film prices. Yes, digital photography and Instagram are hot right now. Does this mean demise and decline for Lomography? Of course not!

Credits: fiegl

Considering its humble beginnings two decades ago, Lomography is doing awesome! It started when Matthias Fiegl, one of the artists responsible for founding our beloved company and lifestyle, smuggled some Russian ЛОМО́ cameras to Western Europe in the 90s to sell to friends and later host indie art exhibitions.

Today, Lomography designs, manufactures and sells a wide variety of specially crafted film cameras on top of maintaining its own highly interactive online community and resource hub for analogue photographers to share their images and techniques.

“Instant photography is covered by digital cameras and the iPhone,” Fiegl told The New York Times. “You want to share a photo of something right now, you are covered. But our version of analog is different because it’s fun and unexpected, you don’t know what’s coming and you won’t, for a few days or a week, when you get the pictures back.”

“We’re growing year-over-year,” said Mr. Fiegl. “People play around with the cameras, they understand it and it convinces them."

As parting words, Fiegl reiterates the liberty that comes with the analogue lifestyle. "Lomography is freer. We don’t have much competition and we don’t have to top anyone’s megapixel count. We’ve decided to stick with the analog side of things.”

So no need to worry, Lomographers! We are sticking around and leaving the digital grind behind. :-)

Read the full story, Lomography, an Analog Company Surviving in a Digital World, in The New York Times.

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