Crossing Genres Through Colour


We have seen different kinds of vinyl record art, from sculptures to collages and everything in between. For designer George Benson, the simple task of arranging vinyl sleeves by colour is enough. Read more after the break.

Photos via GWBenson

George Benson graduated with a degree in fine art film and 3D computer graphics and has since been working on commercial designs. But amidst the digital revolution, he seeks to produce works that will make you stop and be still for a while. The influence of his works stem from internet revolution and modern-day technology, but this too has become the cause to stray away from the commercial world. As a result, the focus of his work revolves around memories of the past and small fleeting moments and he uses analogue objects to carry them out.

One of his projects entitled ‘Colour of Music’ consists of a series of photos of record sleeves, meticulously arranged by colour. The project solely concentrates on the colour of the record sleeves, as opposed to grouping them by music genre. In turn, the result is a mix of different genres that you wouldn’t normally group together. According to the artist, “the photographs create a rhythm of colour, light and shade that resonates with its musical content.”

Photos via GWBenson

Sources for this article include GWBenson and Feature Shoot.

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