The LOMO LC-Wide Part 17: Would the Dinosaurs Have Taken Pictures if They Knew How to Photograph?


If there were no more minds, there would be no more images – mental or material. The world may not depend upon consciousness, but images in (not to mention of) the world clearly do. And this is not just because it takes human hands to make a picture or a mirror or any other kind of simulacrum […].

It is because an image cannot be seen as such without a paradoxical trick of consciousness, an ability to see something as “there” and “not there” at the same time. When a duck responds to a decoy, or when birds peck at the grapes in the legendary paintings of Zeuxis, they are not seeing images: they are seeing other ducks, or real grapes – the things themselves, and not images of the things.

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written by ungrumpy on 2012-05-19 #analogue-photography #library #lc-wide #photobooks

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