Nosotros Project in Uruguay


The Nosotros Project is a journey across Latin America to meet and interview young artists from the continent. During this trip we had our Supersampler and Holga BC 135 to document each place in a unique way. Our first stop was in Uruguay, and here’s what our analog cameras shot.

Montevideo is a capital with a small town atmosphere. No crowds or traffic jam Downtown, just people walking quietly at any time.

Maybe the freezing wind from Río de la Plata kept people inside their homes. We arrived there on winter and the weather was “polar” for two persons from Rio! Still, we enjoyed the beautiful parks and antique fairs. It was worth taking a walk to the Parque Rodo. Although it was empty, it was also very photogenic.

On weekends, the silence of the city give its way to the candombe drums. A very beautiful and ancient tradition maintained by the Uruguayan black culture.

From Montevideo, we went straight to Argentina, but we have a great tip for anyone who wants to go on this trip. Before crossing the river to Buenos Aires, be sure to visit Colonia del Sacramento. It’s a beautiful historic small town. From there, it is best to travel by ship to Buenos Aires. Still speaking about helpful hints, the Uruguayan alfajor is as good as the Argentine ones!

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