Crackle and Pop: Portrait Photography in Vinyl Record Covers

2012-04-27 3

Portrait photography is a beautiful thing and nothing beats a stunning portrait photo printed on those big luscious vinyl record covers. If you love portrait photography and vinyl records alike, read on to see some great examples!

When I first started getting into analogue photography I didn’t know what my style of photography was yet and I shot mostly landscapes and random inanimate things on the street that I found interesting. However, I was never too happy with my photos. I didn’t know why, but I just didn’t feel like the photos I was getting back from the lab were interesting enough or spoke to me.

I went through this dilemma where I thought maybe I just wasn’t cut out for photography “What else could I shoot?” I thought to myself “I don’t really see the point in photographing people so all I’m left with is landscapes and random objects”. The truth is, I never thought portrait photography could be something I would ever be interested in but one day I somehow felt the need to start populating my photos. And as soon as I did, I started liking my photos a lot more and I finally felt like they spoke to me, like I was shooting from the heart.

It was a huge leap and I suddenly went from thinking shooting people wasn’t interesting to finding out that street photography and portrait photography were my favorites. As a result, I started paying much more attention whenever I saw any portrait photos and although I’ve always loved vinyl record covers with portraits due to their sleeveface potential, I also started loving them simply as works of art to be appreciated for their own sake.

One of the many things that make me choose vinyl records over CDs and mp3s any day, is their size. For me, as a graphic designer who is really passionate about album art, nothing beats a 12×12″ album cover (or even a 7×7″ single) in comparison to the small CD covers and the smaller album art images on your mp3 player. Because of that, vinyl record covers are the perfect place to display beautiful portrait photographs. So in honor of this stunning photography style, I scoured my vinyl record collection in search of portrait photos in album covers and these are what I found:

There are thousands and thousands of beautiful portrait photos printed on album covers and it would take days to showcase even half of them, that is why I decided to narrow it down to my own vinyl records for this article. However, I want to know what your favorite album covers with portrait photos are and which did you find in your own vinyl record or CD (or even mp3 player) collections? Please share some on the comments below!

Crackle And Pop is a weekly series written by Carlota, a Portuguese graphic designer and vinyl record lover and collector. It is aimed at everyone who can’t get enough of vinyl records and that wonderful crackling and popping sound old vinyl records make!

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  1. adam_g2000
    adam_g2000 ·

    Florence is great, going to see her on tour soon! I like lots of the covers of Blue Note albums, many of them were great portrait photography. The Cure 'Disintegration', The Divine Comedy, 'A short album about love', odd as it may sound, Madonna 'True Blue' is a brilliant photograph. The Police Regatta De Blanc, Public Image, This is What You Want... Texas album covers, Tori Amos covers. I could go on and on...

  2. trw
    trw ·

    What a great idea and a good excuse to pull out all those old lps!

  3. stratski
    stratski ·

    I've alway liked the picture on 'This is the story' by the Proclaimers. And 'Contra' by Vampire Weekend. And that's all I can think of right now, miles away from my record cabinet...

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