The Descriptive Camera: Tell Me, Don't Show Me

2012-04-27 1

Everyone owns a camera that takes pictures, but technophile Matt Richardson has a camera that prints out a slip that describes what you just shot, instead of showing you an actual photograph. Lo and behold, the novel Descriptive Camera!

Hipsters, pseudo-poets and gadget geeks would probably be the most interested in getting their hands on this highly-customized, non-mainstream, word-vomitting camera.

Photos via Matt Richardson

Created by Matt Richardson for Dan O’Sullivan’s 2012 Computational Cameras class at New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, the Descriptive Camera works like most of the ones we use: you simply aim and fire! But instead of instantly spitting out a photograph of what you just shot, the result is a receipt-like slip of paper that contains metadata, or a string of nouns, adjectives, and adverbs (words, basically) that detail what you captured.

Photo via Matt Richardson

The prints take about 3-6 minutes to get ready as they have to go through Amazon’s Mechanical Turk API, the system behind the reportage of your textual image. The technology is loaded with coder jargon and the camera requires specific parts and pieces, which Richardson details on his website.

Check out some of the test shots below!

Photos via Matt Richardson

While this is an interesting and novel concept, it’s rather impractical for use in real life. It would be fun to have around for kicks—sort of like a trivial fortune cookie—but I don’t think it’s something I’d keep in my bag for everyday.

Visit Descriptive Camera for more info.

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  1. arabrab
    arabrab ·

    I think this is amazing! wonderful art project. Maybe not for "pretty pictures" but definitely something new and with lots of potential. Love it, my compliments to the maker/designer/scientist/technician behind this :)

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