Same Skin: Christian Louboutin Sneakers & Spinner 360°


Luxury items of the same leather, rock together! French shoe designer Christian Louboutin has a pair of men’s sneakers that come in the same Italian calfskin that Lomography’s Spinner 360° Leather Edition is wrapped in. Such a classy combination!

Christian Louboutin’s high altitude heels with trademark red soles are loved by chic and cosmopolitan women everywhere. Recently, the French designer of the eponymous label started making high-end footwear for the modern man as well.

Christian Louboutin Rantus Men's Sneaker

The Rantus sneaker is a staple in Louboutin’s Men’s Collection which gets a handsome facelift for 2012. The upper comes in ivory woven calfskin and is “ideal for the globetrotting fashionable male who understands the language of luxury.” If you don’t have $795 to spare, the smarter alternative would be the Spinner 360° Leather Edition!

Spinner 360° Leather Edition

Clad in the same Italian Toledo leather as Monsieur Louboutin’s chaussures, this special edition Spinner is not only chic, but takes amazing panoramic photos as well! How’s that for form and fucntion?

This panoramic machine has donned a new suit that is totally appealing! Wrapped in luxurious Italian Toledo leather, the Spinner 360° Leather Edition fashions a look that is just as fascinating as its features. Add an attractive geometric pattern in white, and you have a camera that is exciting in every way! Get it from our shop today!

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