Meet Malaysia's Active Community Members from Sabah #2: jetnz81

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This month, let’s shift from our biggest states in Malaysia to our most beautiful state, Sabah! We are going to feature some of our most active community members from our “The Land Below The Wind!” Today, let’s explore Sabah together with jetnz81 a.k.a. Jet Chow!

Photo by jetnz81

Name: Chow Chiun Jet
Occupation: Sale Representative
City/Country: Tawau, Malaysia
LomoHome: jetnz81
LomoAge: 1.5 years

Hello, tell us a bit about yourself and your Lomographic journey.

Hi, my name is Chow Chiun Jet and you can just call me as Jet. I’m from Tawau, Sabah, which is also known as “The Land Below The Wind.” I started Lomography in August 2010. I was deeply attracted with Diana Mini when a friend of mine, showed me her Diana Mini. The look of the Diana Mini really did grab my attention away. Since then, I fell in love with it and kept searching information about Lomography. And for sure, Diana Mini is my first Lomo camera!

Do you enjoy shooting alone or do you prefer shooting together with the community?

Too bad I never have a chance to go out for an outing with a bunch of Lomography enthusiasts. Although there might be some Lomographers from my hometown but none of them is around. Some of them are in other cities, some went overseas, and some are working at some other places in Malaysia. So, most of the time I’m shooting alone or I will join some friends who are using DSLR for a photo shooting outing.

Photo by jetnz81

Were you born in Sabah and which part of Sabah do you stay?

Yes, I’m from Tawau.

Tell us what you love the most about Sabah.

I love the island in Sabah and the food the most!

What is the food you love the most in Sabah?

You can get fresh seafood in cheaper price here in Sabah! “Shang Yuk Mian” also famous here!

Where would you bring your friends to go when they visit you at Sabah

Island around Semporna town, Mabul Island, Mataking Island, Kapalai Island, PomPom Island, and Sipadan Island is the famous one (among the World’s Top 10 Diving Sites). Maliau basin (Sabah’s lost World) located in Tawau.

Danum Valley is about 70 KM west of Lahad Datu, it’s a conservation area and it’s one of the last strongholds of undisturbed tropical flora and fauna in the world. Sepilok Jungle Resort, where you can get closer with the Orangutan. Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain is South East Asia. There’s so many things to do, and places to go in Sabah!

Where do you develop your film at Sabah? Do you have any other recommendations and what is the price and any other specific notes?

Usually I send my film to develop at Ocean Digital Photo Studio and Salon Digital Foto Centre; for cross processing, I send films to the only one Dahlia Studio. All three photo studio charge RM4 for develop 135mm film, and scan into CD will charge RM4 too, even Dahlia Studio provide Cross Process also charge RM4 for develop, Awesome price, right?

Thanks for your time and recommendation! Before we wrap things up, do you mind letting us know which Lomography product is your favorite and why?

Films! Without film it’s similar with without food for us, human beings!

The Diana Mini is the ultra-compact, petite version of the Diana F+. This camera takes soft-focused, lo-fi images in 35mm and allows you to change between half-format and square shots with a flick of a switch. Get your own Diana Mini now!

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