Museum Of Occupations-Tallinn(Estonia)


Like it’s Baltic neighbors, Tallinn has its own museum casting light upon the dark, difficult years between 1940 and 1991

This very interesting museum was opened in Summer 2003 in Tallinn, Toompea street, 8. First impression comes from the building feature: you as if in kowtow when going under low arc and then opens massive bunker style door. Its exposition is dedicated to 3 periods of Estonia occupations what I’ve learn from information desks hanging down from the ceiling. 1st Soviet occupation 1939-1941, 2nd German occupation 1941-1944 and 3rd Soviet 1944-1991. The main aim of the exposition is to explain the influence of occupations in 1939-1991 to Estonia and its people.

Indeed the museum exposition is rich of artifacts, documents, videos which help to understand better that injury of occupations. Information is presented in 3 languages: Estonian, English and Russian. Not far from the enter to the left from the centre there’ a 2 conventionalized steam locomotives. The left locomotive with red star the right one with Nazi swastika. Then you cans see 3 big information stand about 3 periods of occupation. Most of artifacts from exposition are gifts from Estonians. There’s a big refuges boat at the beginning (some lucky Estonians escaped occupation and went to Finland or Sweden with its help). I saw large quantity of suitcases of exile people in the beginning of expositions, clothes, personal documents, photos, newspapers. You can even see the empty bottle of Moskovskaya vodka with Estonian inscription “Moskovkaya Viini”. There are a lot of radio receivers from “Spidola” to “Rodina” which help to get true information from the independent sources. Some sorrowful or even tragic mood comes from watching the line of real prison doors. As for some fun artifacts I’d mentioned car “VAZ-Kopeika”(1st model of VAZ), soviet soda-water automat and retro hair-drier. In the basement there ’a several fragments of previous imperial greatness – the statues of Vladimir Lenin, Mikhail Kalinin and Victor Kingisepp. In general this museum is very cognitive and “have to visit” place!

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    The Holga shots are splendid ! The text is clear and informative. But I can't help myself thinking that Human beings are the worst animal specie on earth when I see what we do to each other... Sorry for the dark comment...

  2. eyecon
    eyecon ·

    The car shots are great!

  3. breakphreak
    breakphreak ·

    Very interesting exposition. Some items seems to be kinda nostalgic even. The name is a bit arguable. I don't mean that there was an occupation, this is a matter of feeling. Just for me a soda-water machine will never be the sign of it :)

  4. alexkon
    alexkon ·

    Да уж... Землячек ещё те бумажки подписывал... Приговор к высшей мере наказания приводить в исполнение немедленно по вынесении приговора... (постановление ЦИК и СНК СССР) Жесть...

  5. alexkon
    alexkon ·

    Это я о Михаиле Ивановиче Калинене...

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