The Lomography Questionnaire with Lukasz Wierzbowski


Compare, contrast, draw inspiration from, and even shake your head in disagreement at the answers from our special guest contributors. Today, we’re featuring Polish film photographer Lukasz Wierzbowski—a favourite here on Lomography, as well as on Tumblr & Flickr!

When three other photographers list you as an inspiration, you and your camera must be doing things right. Armed with his Canon Elan II, Contax T2, and Olympus Mju II (loaded with slightly expired 100/200 ISO Fujicolor, Agfa Vista, and Kodak Farbwelt films), Lukasz Wierzbowski shows us these peculiarly pretty and sometimes oddly orchestrated snippets in time. Look and see why he has a cult following on Tumblr and Flickr.

Name/alias: Lukasz Wierzbowski (lukaswierzbowski)
Field: Analogue Photography
Location: Wrocław, Poland

Choose some analogue image that represent you.

Photo by Lukasz Wierzbowski

1. Describe your first memory as if it were a still photograph.

I remember a wooden ceiling of my parents’ bedroom, and bright yellow wallpaper on walls. As well as lying on some sort of table and seeing figures of people walking around the room.

2. What’s one quality you wish you had?

I suck at being patient so I could definitely use that one. Especially when I’m stuck in a traffic jam.

3. Who or what was the first thing you fell in love with?

It was my sister’s old portable cassette player that she gave me when I was 5. For long time I had only one tape featuring mix of The Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel but loved it anyway. I constantly was walking around the house singing and pretending I know the lyrics.

4. What would you rid this world of in a heartbeat?

It may seem like a cliche but getting rid of hate, prejudice and jealousy would make everyone’s life better.

5. What decade in history would you like to step into and why?

I guess I would like to come back to the 1990s for a simple sentimental reasons. The world seemed rather carefree place at that time even if it was only an illusion. Each happening felt more unique, music television was playing something worth listening and each bike ride felt more like an adventure. Growing up kinda sucks…

6. If you could hang as a camera around anyone’s neck, who would that someone be?

David Attenborough. Traveling around the world and visiting all the spectacular places would be amazing.

7. Where’s your secret garden, where you can escape to?

Deep woods far from the city noise. I got few favorite spots close to the place where I was born that I visit whenever I get a chance.

8. What famous person (dead or alive) would like to have a drink with?

Michael Jackson. It would be totally awesome and awkward at the same time.

9. If you could no longer see, what’s one image you’d like burned in your mind?

Summertime afternoon by the river with all the people I love and care about.

10. Who’s your hero, in fiction or in real life?

Whoever wakes up at 6 in the morning after few hours of sleep and is fully capable of working is my personal hero.

Photos by Lukasz Wierzbowski

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