My First SLR Love Affair: The Pentax K-1000

2012-05-07 2

This review is for a camera that i bought from a camera shop in Garden City, MI. It was from a kid that was going to get rid of it and I bought it for $20.

My favorite shot out of the whole roll of film.

The Pentax k1000 I bought came with a 28mm lens, a 50mm lens, a 2x teleconverter, and a cable release. This was, what my friend calls it, a steal to buy this camera at $20. Detroitlomo, my friend, wishes that he had the money at the time this camera was for sale because he would have bought it.

This camera is one of the easiest SLR cameras that I have ever used. I have used a Canon ae-1, a Minolta, and another SLR camera that I don’t remember the name of, but this is the easiest SLR I have ever used.

Here are some of the pictures that came off a roll of film I found at a thrift store that they were just getting rid of:

These pictures actually came out very well and some of them came out with an effect that I just can’t explain, but is very cool at the same time.

Detroitlomo was the one who got me interested in shooting film. Even though I have been around film for a couple of years, I never thought that it would be fun to get pictures that are limited and making them look like something that you have never seen before.

This camera that I bought was really simple to use and is one of my favorite cameras so far. I am planning on shooting more with this camera and will know more about it when I shoot a couple more rolls of film through it. Until then, enjoy looking at the first roll that I shot through this beautiful camera!

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  2. taranjeet
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    this is also my first analogue camera . still clicking with it .

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